Documents reveal disturbing influence Josh Powell had on his children

Young boys reflect father's anti-Mormon views

Published: Friday, Feb. 17 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

Chuck Cox also said that both boys that morning had indicated they didn't want to go see their father, adding that it was the first time Charlie had ever said anything like that.

The next day, one of the boys' counselors said "she was so regretful about this tragic incident as both boys seemed to be doing so much better now (with their grandparents)." She planned to conduct a final counseling session with the Cox family.

'Mommy's house'

In early November, when the boys visited Josh Powell's new home in Graham, Wash., for the first time, they walked around with their dad, who had placed throughout the home photos of their mother, photos from the couple's wedding and photos of them with the boys as babies. An accompanying social worker said the boys and Josh Powell kept referring to it as being "just like Mommy's house."

The social worker noted the home seemed very "staged," as if for his approval. Police later confirmed they believe Josh Powell did not live in that home and had staged it for visitation purposes.

A month later, the kids were with a social worker and their father at a McDonald's restaurant. Braden asked when they'd be moving back to "Mommy's house" and Josh Powell said that would never happen, a report states. Then he responded again, "Well, maybe not for a very long time."

It wasn't until January that counselors working with the boys noted they were starting to get along and making reference to their mother. Charlie said, "I miss my mom," but added that she was lost and wouldn't be found "until we go camping again."

In November, a counselor reported that the boys "shut down" whenever their mother was brought up, likely because "no one has addressed mom being gone in a healthy way."

Other new details from the documents include:

• From Sept. 23, 2011: Josh Powell told a child protective services worker that he takes pictures of other peoples' legs in public places, "but is careful that they are not too close or show any faces," a report states. "He stated that he is only an amateur but he likes to take pictures of legs when he sees something that is nice."

• In the same report, an investigative social worker asked Josh Powell if anything else would come to light that he was aware of once all the evidence taken from his father's home during a search warrant was analyzed. "Joshua Powell stated that he had copied one of his father's thumb drives onto his own computer but stated he was not particularly worried about it as it was only information related to Susan's disappearance."

• From Nov. 10, 2011: In an email correspondence, a supervisor mentioned to another social worker to tell Josh Powell and his attorney that the boys would be going home with him at the latest on Jan. 19, 2012, but "more than likely sooner." He said the only thing standing in the way of it happening would be West Valley police "doing something or giving us more that relates to the boys' safety."

• From Nov. 11, 2011: A counselor said Charlie has been "programmed to hate" the Cox family, and that "he has been completely brainwashed" about Mormons and other things.

• From Nov. 17, 2011: Josh Powell wrote a detailed "child safety plan" to satisfy one of the qualifications of getting his children back full-time. It mentions how he will handle his and the boys' relationships with his father, Steven Powell, who was in jail. It was because of safety reasons involved with an investigation regarding Steven Powell that the boys were removed from the home.

• From Nov. 29, 2011: Authorities in Washington received an email from West Valley police detective Ellis Maxwell saying that a Utah judge had released several images (five to six) that were found on Josh Powell's computer during a 2009 search of his Utah home. The images, he said, depicted computer generated (avatar) images of "incestual caricature, or morphed child pornography."

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