LOGAN — What started out as a joke has made a Logan man famous in the United Kingdom. Now, he is being bombarded on social media by people from all over the U.K. and has been featured on a TV show on the BBC.

Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges created the Chad Hogan character, thinking Hogan was purely fictional. Hogan was to be the ultimate American party organizer.

"I don't mean the kind of high school parties you see in American movies," Bridges said.

As Bridges' act became more popular, the real Chad Hogan noticed a boost in his own popularity, at least on social networking sites. He said he received hundreds of friend requests a day on Facebook.

"I was like, ‘What the heck is this; they're all from Scotland,'" he said.

Eventually, someone sent him a link to Bridges' routine. He emailed Bridges, inviting him to a real-life Hogan party, which was a bit different than what Bridges was expecting, probably due to the lack of alcohol.

"I like to party, but a little different party than I think he had in mind," Hogan said.

Still, the party seemed to fit Bridges' concept of Hogan to a "T," and many fans are wondering when Hogan will visit the U.K.

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"It's kind of funny, knowing that I'm known better in Scotland than I am here," Hogan said. 

Hogan said he would love to visit the U.K. He said the show's producers had mentioned possibly bringing him there for a future episode, but nothing's set in stone.

After the party, Bridges on the show mentioned one of the strangest things to him was waking up the morning after the alcohol-free party and remembering what happened.

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