How to make Mother's Day a celebration with less stress and more meaning (+gift ideas)

By Saren Eyre Loosli

Power of Moms

Published: Friday, May 9 2014 1:30 p.m. MDT

Send your mom friends an email with a link to a favorite article. Here are some great ones to give for Mother's Day: "Your Children Want YOU," "Mommy is a Person," "The Perfect Mom," "Are you Getting What YOU Need out of Motherhood?"

Mothers Day ideas you could suggest to your husband and children

Husbands and kids often appreciate a few pointers to help them make Mother's Day wonderful. Feel free to share ideas with them. I used to think they would surely know what I'd like for Mother's Day. And then I was sorely disappointed when they didn't read my mind. I've found it works much better to hint very heavily or go right ahead and give them a list of things you'd love as far as activities and/or gifts and encourage them to surprise you by choosing from that list.

Here are some things that could go on your list:

A new bike, hiking shoes, an ice cream maker, a board game (you could specify one you think would be fun — great ideas in our Amazon Store) or something else that is connected to fun family activities youll be able to do together throughout the year. Encourage something connected to family activities you really love.

A picnicat a favorite place. You could offer some menu ideas and some ideas of favorite pretty locations if you think they might need them.

Notes from your childrensharing favorite memories they have with you or a list of what they like about you. (One year I asked for this, and my good husband helped the kids all write me a list of what they like about me — favorite gift ever! Ill have those cute handwritten notes in my special things folder forever.)

A new book on motherhood. Check out the great books we've reviewed at The Power of Moms or our Amazon Store full of recommendations from our community of deliberate mothers for ideas.

An hour or two by yourselfto think, plan, read, go for a walk, work on a project, whatever — with NO interruptions. My dear husband has made sure I've had a couple hours each Mother's Day to myself, and I've loved using this time to write about what I love about motherhood that year. I come away feeling so very happy about being a mom and more in love with my family than ever.

A photo shoot of you with your children.As moms, we're usually behind the camera. So on Mother's Day every year, I ask my husband to take photos of me with the kids. I've got photos from every year.

Coupons for hugs or jobs that your husband or kids will do for you(or you could make a list of jobs you'd dearly love to see completed around the house, and your family could surprise you by doing a thing or two on the list while you take off to enjoy a couple hours on your own doing something you enjoy).

Some little luxuries for you. Give your husband and kids a list of things you'd love to receive, and let them surprise you with something from the list. Your list could include some new makeup, a favorite treat, an article of clothing you've had your eye on, etc. (If you want something specific, be specific about brand, size, type, etc.)

Every mom likes different things — some of us love notes, some love store-bought gifts or cards or flowers, some love acts of service, some love the opportunity to spend quality time with those they love (you can usually tell what they'd love by what they tend to give). If you take a little time thinking about what might mean the most to the mothers in your life (including yourself), you'll come up with your own unique ideas that can make this Mother's Day the best yet.

QUESTION: What ideas would you add to the lists above? What have been your favorite gifts youve given and received?

CHALLENGE:Do something new, simple and meaningful for the mothers in your life this Mother's Day. Plus, make Mother's Day great for YOU by giving your family some helpful hints and keeping your expectations in check.

This article is courtesy of Power of Moms, an online gathering place for deliberate mothers.

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