The first two missions of some of the apostles to Great Britain had an enormous impact on Latter-day Saint history. The sites where the remarkable events of those Mormon missions unfolded are beautiful and rife with meaning. It is of interest to note that, on occasion, those early missionaries visited sites that have been visited by countless millions over the years. Those sites were interesting then, just as they are now.

The missionaries' journals note that two of those sites were the British Museum and the National Gallery. Although the buildings have been changed or added to, much of what can be seen today was on display then, such as the famous Rosetta Stone.

On one occasion, after visiting several of these places, Elder Wilford Woodruff made a simple journal entry: "I thought I had seen as much as my brain would contain in one day."

That comment should surprise no one who has been awed by the vast collections at these cultural sites.