BARCELONA, Spain — BlackBerry says it will release a new phone in Indonesia in April, and it will make a phone that restores a beloved row of control keys with a trackpad.

The Indonesia phone will sell for less than $200 without subsidies. It will later expand to other markets in southeast Asia. BlackBerry Ltd. CEO John Chen says a version with faster, 4G connectivity is planned "sometime in the future before I die."

It's the first phone done under a new five-year partnership with Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles products in vast factories in China.

Meanwhile, Chen says it will restore the keys in a phone to be called the Q20. He says it's a response to lackluster sales of the Q10, which has a physical keyboard but lacks the trackpad or keys for functions such as going back. He says customer feedback indicates people missed that. The Q20, which Chen terms the "Classic," will come by year's end.