Shoal Creek is at the site that was once the settlement of Hawn's Mill, Caldwell County, Mo.

In late October 1838, an armed group of more than 200 men made an assault on the settlers of this community.

For many years, the site was spelled "Haun's Mill" named after its leader. Recent research by Brigham Young University professor Alex Baugh has brought to light the fact that the name of that leader was Jacob Hawn, not Haun. His headstone, located in Yamhill, Ore., spells his name Hawn, as do other records. According to Baugh, Jacob Hawn was not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Kim Wilson, a direct descendant of Hawn's Mill resident Thomas McBride, stands on land that was once owned by the Thomas McBride family. McBride was brutally killed with a corn sickle by one of the assailants at Hawn's Mill. Wilson is the chairman of the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation.