Alexander Neibaur was born in Germany to Jewish parents. He was educated in the Law of Moses to become a rabbi. At 14 years of age, he chose the profession of a dentist and attended the University of Berlin when he was 17. He subsequently became fluent in seven languages and traveled in Europe as a dentist; by 1830, he had moved to Preston, Lancashire, England, where he met and married Ellen Breetiel. He heard the Latter-day Saint missionaries preach in 1837 and embraced the restored gospel in spite of much opposition from his friends. Neibaur passed through many hardships and trials, yet his trust was in the God of Abraham. In Nauvoo, he practiced dentistry one of his patients was Joseph Smith, to whom he taught German and Hebrew. Neibaur eventually moved to Utah, where he died in 1883 and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Kenneth Mays