A real fright: Tips for tackling financial fears

By Alex Veiga

Associated Press

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 30 2013 4:45 p.m. MDT

If there's anything that people tend to fear wading into it's thinking about the financial implications of their death.

"It involves stuff, again, that they just don't want to think about," Blayney says.

Why you should get over this fear: Your estate could end up not going to your intended beneficiaries. And if you have young kids, you'll want to ensure that they receive the benefit of your inheritance and that you've named a guardian for your child.

Once you draw up a will, make sure to review it annually, in case it needs updating. Consider hiring a financial planner to assist. The Certified Financial Board of Standards offers some questions to ask when you're ready to hire a planner: www.Letsmakeaplan.org/working-with-a-financial-planner/what-to-ask .


A good way to potentially eliminate a fear of finances is to break any of your financial tasks into periodic, small moves, say making a point of reviewing your accounts every Sunday night, for example.

"Make it a routine," Blayney says. "And then it becomes kind of a task, rather than a monster."

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