In the musical "1776," John Adams is lamenting the inability of a fractured Continental Congress to arrive at any consensus on the divisive subject of independence. He states that, "One useless man is a drone, two are a law firm and three or more are a Congress."

Considering the current situation in Washington it is apparent that not much has changed in the last 237 years. In 1776, neither side wanted to compromise. Sound familiar? But in the end gut-wrenching choices and compromises were made, some that did cause serious problems down the road. However, without the compromises the Declaration of Independence and the United States of America may not have ever come to be.

I wish that our current representatives could do the same and realize that no agreement involving widely different and passionate ideologies is perfect. But then "1776" was a musical and not reality — though I am becoming a firm believer that our elected representatives may be living in their own fantasy world. (The official House recess calendar shows 182 recess days plus 104 days for weekends) How can they expect to carry out the business of the nation in just 79 days? Instead of sound bites and highly promoted town meetings, how about sequestering them in Washington for enough days to actually accomplish something.

Michael Nielsen

West Valley City