Family challenges will of heiress to fortune of the founder of Las Vegas

By Jennifer Peltz

Associated Press

Published: Sunday, Sept. 15 2013 11:39 a.m. MDT

The hospital's then-president and even his mother urged Clark to prepare a will, though he told her he wasn't trying to suggest a bequest. And as the hospital prepared to sell the building Clark was in and move her to another in 2004, executives told her she could stop the sale by giving $125 million.

The hospital says its requests were appropriate.

"Having provided life-saving and compassionate care to a person of Clark's wealth, it would have been surprising if Beth Israel had not approached her for donations," hospital lawyer Marvin Wexler wrote in court papers.

She had no trouble saying no, and her gifts to the hospital ended three years before the contested will, Wexler added.

Clark's doctor, lawyer and accountant have all rebuffed the idea that she could be manipulated into doing anything.

"The only persuasive power I had over her was to advise her to drink Ensure," the nutritional product, Singman said in a sworn statement. "She certainly was not a non-thinking, docile, unresponsive individual."

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