18-year-old found guilty of murdering Georgia baby in stroller

By Kate Brumback

Associated Press

Published: Friday, Aug. 30 2013 2:33 p.m. MDT

Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson showed jurors a string of still images pulled from video cameras around Brunswick during her closing argument. They all showed Elkins in specific locations at specific times the day of the shooting. Johnson also reminded jurors of the testimony of two young women — one who said Elkins walked her to school at 8:45 the day of the shooting and another who said she spent the night before with Elkins and ate with him later that morning, which was backed up by video stills of them at a convenience store.

Then Johnson reminded jurors of what Elkins told police, that he woke up around 10:30 that morning, that no one else was home and that he left for school around 11:30 a.m.

The only person whose story didn't match the evidence in the case was Elkins, Johnson said.

The story Dominique Lang told police was very similar to the one West told, Johnson said. While there was no video of the shooting itself, video evidence in the case supports other parts of Lang and West's stories, Johnson said.

Johnson also took exception to the accusation that police stopped investigating once they arrested Elkins, noting that they pulled video from various cameras around town and went diving in a pond to recover the gun the following week.

Johnson also slammed the defense for picking on West and her behavior following the shooting: "Does anyone know what the protocol is for how you're supposed to act when you've just watched your child get shot in the face?"

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