Kylie Bisutti has had a busy few years. It was only in December of 2011 that she decided to walk away from her career as a Victoria's Secret model because of her faith.

Now, after releasing a book titled "I'm No Angel" and spreading her message about inner beauty, Bisutti has launched her own clothing line with the goal of bringing God's word back into public schools by imprinting scripture verses on each item of clothing.

"For some children, reading the verses on our clothes will be their first introduction to the Bible. We are hoping to spark their interest in the power of God's word," said Stevi Baker, director of children's clothing.

The clothing line is called "God Inspired Fashion," and Busutti partnered with CEO Angie Frost in an effort to reverse the increasing moral decline in schools and society in general.

"Public schools can set a dress code for their students, but dress codes (except when uniforms are required) cannot restrict students from expressing their faith through their clothing," Frost said on the company's website.

While Frost and Bisutti have focused on a teenage market, the clothing is available for customers of all ages.

"God Inspired Fashion does not limit faith sharing to students. With men's, women's and toddler clothes available, every Christian can wear their faith. Up to this point Christian clothing options have been limited," the website states.

Bisutti explains that the clothing line is meant to inspire and provide a way to share God's message.

"God Inspired Fashion is all about spreading God's word everywhere and making it easier for Christians to share their faith and God's love. And that's really what the world needs right now," Bisutti said.

In a video promoting her book, Bisutti expressed the importance of being a role model whom girls can look up to.

"I stopped modeling lingerie after years of success because I didn't want to be the type of role model that I was," Bisutti said.

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"The Lord really just convicted my heart and showed me that I was being the kind of role model that made other women insecure, that supported an industry that created insecurities in little girls, eating disorders in women, and I supported an industry that brought men into temptation by the way that I was dressing in front of the camera. The Lord really opened my eyes to all of this and showed me that if I were to walk away from it all ... change the way I acted change the way I dressed that I could be a true role model."