Unconventional pastor spotted with Justin Bieber, Jay-Z leads booming NYC megachurch

By Bonny Ghosh

Associated Press

Published: Thursday, July 18 2013 2:00 p.m. MDT

Still, Hillsong is just as susceptible to the downfalls of any modern progressive church, and there is always the danger that the trendy concert culture could overshadow the message, Carnes said.

"This church is always only about Jesus. ... It's always, it's only about Jesus." Lentz said in a recent sermon.

Lentz declined to discuss same-sex marriage, a polarizing issue that young evangelicals have said in repeated surveys that they do not want to be a focus of church. Many evangelical pastors starting churches in New York avoid addressing the topic from the pulpit, a decision that has drawn criticism from evangelical leaders who consider the issue one of the most important for traditional Bible-believers.

Lentz said he enjoys having critics.

"They give me fuel for the fire," he said.

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