Apple's Cook to face Senate questions on taxes

By Peter Svensson

Associated Press

Published: Tuesday, May 21 2013 2:04 p.m. MDT

Levin called Ireland a "tax haven," an appellation Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny rejected when speaking in parliament in Dublin on Tuesday.

"We are not a tax haven. American investors quite understand that. Our (taxation system) is statutory-based and clear and transparent and effective right across the board," Kenny said.

He also denied the assertion in the subcommittee's report that Apple had negotiated an Irish corporate tax rate of less than 2 percent. All companies pay the standard rate of 12.5 percent on profits from Irish operations, the prime minister said.

"Reports of lower effective tax rates appear to arrive at their figures by running together the profits earned by group companies in Ireland and in other jurisdictions," Kenny said.

Svensson contributed from New York. Associated Press writer Shawn Pogatchnik in Dublin contributed to this report.

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