During the summer of 1834, Zion's Camp reached the Illinois River in western Illinois. Because the river was too deep to walk through, the members of the camp ferried across in boats, which took several days.

Some of those who had crossed to the west side of the river climbed one of several small hills near the bank of the river. Near the top, they discovered the remains of a man who had evidently been buried there and informed the Prophet of their find. Some accounts note that the Prophet identified the remains as a righteous Lamanite named Zelph.

It is now known that the mound is a burial site of Native Americans of the Hopewell Culture dating back centuries. It is officially known as Naples-Russell Mound No. 8, Pike County, Illinois.

Interested persons may climb the mound most of the way, but respect must be shown as this site is reverenced by those whose ancestors are buried there.