C. Jane Kendrick: When you feel afraid to bring children into a world of tragedies

Published: Friday, May 10 2013 6:00 a.m. MDT

And how can I give up when there are good people on this earth —enough to out-number the few hurtful, scary ones — who help me raise my children? Like the people of Hanksville who fed us warm, crumbling biscuits and sent my children on with an eduction of their lives. And the people here in Provo, talented, dedicated friends who join the efforts of mutual support —how can I deny these blessings?

Three years ago at home I gripped the ring of an inflatable tub, soaking and seething and begging a pink baby out from the depths of my body, onto my sweating skin, into this world. This one of regeneration and repentance and hope. And the experience was so intense to me, I've never gotten over it.

(Just like I'll never get over the belly of Zion Canyon, as you stash into the tunnel, a mile of mostly darkness, and come out the other side to a world of rock and God.)

Happy birthday, Ever.

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