In times of despair, hold on to the precious principle of hope

Published: Friday, April 19 2013 4:20 p.m. MDT

Of course, the situation we're facing in our violent world is a lot more complicated than a football game, and the stakes are infinitely higher. But the guiding principle is the same: the precious principle of hope. No matter how improbable the situation, no matter how unlikely the scenario for success, almost impossible or not, there's always hope. We have to believe that. And then we have to act on that belief by continuing our search for answers and solutions to whatever it is that is wrong with our society that prompts some of us to such random and despicable brutality. Because the way I see it, we have the world right where we want it.

Which could very well mean that hopefully — or full of hope — the day will come when America won't be mourning. Again.

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