I'm worried about the proposed cuts to Medicare Advantage. I'm disabled and unprepared for an increase in health care costs along with a decrease in benefits. I am barely making it as it is, so this is an urgent issue for me and others in the same position.

My disability occurred when I had cancer and radiation therapy over three decades ago. I'm almost completely paralyzed from the waist down. I have some mobility with my walker, but barely. Eventually I'll need to use a wheelchair. My health becomes progressively worse because I don't always have the access to the care I need. If cuts are made, I worry what benefits could be cut and how it could impact me with my needs.

We can't let these cuts happen to those of us who rely on Medicare Advantage to survive and have some kind of quality of life. Our representatives in Washington must stand up for seniors and insist that the Medicare agency leave the program alone.

Betty Fulmer