These views show the towering monument marking the grave of Alexander Doniphan, a true friend to Joseph Smith and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Following the Mormon period of Missouri history, Doniphan served in the war with Mexico, leading a group on a long trek to Mexico and back. He and his men were stationed in Santa Fe, N.M., when the first divisions of the Mormon Battalion staggered in, weak from the journey and a lack of food and water. He ordered his men to give a 100-gun salute to the battalion members, who were encouraged to see a friend of the Saints there.

In 1874, Doniphan journeyed to the Utah Territory and called on Brigham Young in Salt Lake City.

Following the deaths of his two sons, he spent the last two decades of his life in Richmond, Ray County, Mo., where he died in 1887. He was interred in the Fairview Cemetery, Liberty, Clay County, Mo.