Survey: Utah Boy Scout leaders oppose BSA policy change

Published: Monday, March 25 2013 11:35 a.m. MDT

"The fact that an idea may be embraced and advocated by increasing numbers of people is all the more reason to protect the First Amendment right of those who wish to voice a different view," he said. "We have a different view and we have a right to voice our different view."

Matthew Scott, den leader of Cub Scouts in Troop 3178, said he is against a policy change. A shift in policy is not a wise move, Scott said, because the policy has served the Boy Scouts well for 100 years.

"I applaud the Boy Scouts for holding to the principles," Scott said. 

A shift in policy would make the Boy Scouts the same as any other outdoor club, which would "dilute the effect of the message" of Boy Scouts, he said. 

Eighty percent of survey respondents said if there is no change in policy it would not change their level of participation, while almost 8 percent said they would either reduce or stop their involvement with Scouts.

The survey also included open-ended questions, but the Salt Lake Council did not release those responses.

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