The foreign policy of the United States of America needs a complete overhaul. We have soldiers stationed in over 150 nations throughout the world. That's appalling.

Within the last few weeks we have seen North Korea testing ICBMs and nuclear war heads, and dictator Kim Jong-Un specifically said these are being prepared for "use on the U.S." Why do we still have troops defending the demilitarized zone between the north and south when the Korean War ended 60 years ago, and the South Koreans are perfectly capable of defending themselves? Their border is better guarded by U.S. troops than our own southern border is.

It is time to bring all our troops home from all over the world and stop meddling in others' affairs where no vital U.S. interests are being threatened and we have no responsibility. We are just fomenting more bitterness toward us every day. It would save us half a trillion dollars a year (which we can't afford anyway) and largely put a stop to the hatred that has built over decades of our unappreciated military occupations.

James C. Green

Heber City