White wins 6th straight Winter X superpipe title

By Pat Graham

Associated Press

Published: Sunday, Jan. 27 2013 10:55 p.m. MST

There have been quite a few spills at Winter X — some minor and some horrific, like when snowmobile rider Caleb Moore clipped the top of a jump during freestyle competition on Thursday. He went over the handlebars and the heavy sled rolled over the top of him. Although he walked off the course, he went to the hospital with a concussion.

While there, he developed bleeding around his heart and was flown to Grand Junction for surgery Friday.

On Sunday, Moore suffered a "secondary complication involving his brain." The Moore family released a statement, but provided no further details, only that the rider "continues to be monitored in ICU."

Another scary moment happened Sunday night when a young fan was hurt after a runaway snowmobile veered into the crowd.

The teenager was evaluated on site for a right knee injury and released to his father. It's not clear whether he was hurt jumping out of the way or was struck by the sled.

Snowmobiler Jackson Strong tumbled off the snowmobile during the best trick competition. The throttle stuck on the 450-pound machine and it swerved straight toward the crowd — fans scurrying out of the way. The snowmobile came to a rest when it got tangled up in the retaining fence.

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