Funny with a chance of chuckles — Mormon Times readers share humorous stories

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 9 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

— midwestfan, Spanish Fork

Wilbur Ewing, a kindly grandfather, was one of my counselors in a bishopric in Terre Haute, Ind. Many of our ward lingered in the foyer after services, visiting and fellowshipping.

Five-year-old Jared gave his tithing (in an envelope) to Wilbur. About 10 minutes later, amidst the crowded foyer, Jared stood with a stern look on his face, looking up at Brother Ewing, and said, "Wilbur, have you spent that dime yet?"

— midwestfan, Spanish Fork

We had an elderly couple in our ward who both had difficulty hearing. You could hear everything they said to each other because of this hearing problem. One Sunday sacrament meeting was a little late getting started and soon the whole chapel heard the husband say to his wife: "Let's just get this show on the road!"

— basstacklegirl, Burley, Idaho

My nephew has a photographer for a father and an artist for a mother, so in their family, discussions of color can be expected to be a bit different than in most families. However, for a young boy this can sometimes lead to confusion, especially when combined with songs learned in Primary.

One day when he was about 5, my nephew asked his father if orange, his favorite color at the time, was a Primary color. When he was told it was not, he responded with, "Oh, so is it a Priesthood color then?"

— CaryT, Vicksburg, Miss.

My granddaughter Joan was about 4 years old when her aunt Jane became engaged. Jane's fiance was visiting for the weekend and decided to attend church with our family. As my daughter came in with her two girls (Joan being the youngest) we ended up a little short on seating space.

Joan was lifted up to sit on the lap of her aunt's new fiance. All went well as this little girl looked at books brought to help her be quiet.

Just as the sacrament was being passed, she happened to look up and see who was holding her.

Surprise showed on her face as she looked at this stranger. Then, with a loud voice she exclaimed, "Well, who the (heck) are you!"

You could have heard a pin drop for just a few seconds until a few laughs were smothered. My daughter turned beet-red and now swears she will never "swear" again!

— davs, Kanab

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