About Utah: Park City woman Heather Menzies still feels 'Music'

Published: Thursday, Dec. 20 2012 11:14 p.m. MST

"Nobody did," she says, "I remember 20th Century Fox had just lost a bundle on Cleopatra and people were saying they were taking a big gamble on this new musical with a budget of $20 million, which was huge in those days."

When the filming was over, she recalls that Nicholas Hammond/Freidrich came up to her and, in a prediction equally as accurate as the one that said man would never walk on the moon, announced, "I know we're really close right now, but we'll probably never see each other again."

The reality is, they've never stopped seeing each other. Fortunately, they get along famously and wouldn't have it any other way — just as you'd hope for Julie Andrews' kids.

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