A recent article which discussed a possible compromise from President Barack Obama to House Speaker John Boehner is quite upsetting ("New offer moves toward Boehner," Dec. 18). I quote in part: "President Barack Obama has agreed to curtail future cost-of-living increases for recipients of Social Security and softened his demand for higher taxes at upper income levels".

Is this what is wanted: to hurt those who most need assistance in the dire economy? If I were making the kind of money discussed in this article, or even $100,000 a year, I would be living extremely well. But, I am not. I am living on retirement income. And the small amount I received as an increase in my Social Security income beginning in 2013 would buy one good meal at a restaurant.

I think it is time that all the millionaires in Congress start thinking of those at the lower end of the income scale — those just getting by on what they have. An increase in tax to those making over $100,000 a year should be given serious consideration rather than decreasing cost of living for those who can least afford it.

Jay Atkinson

West Valley City