Valerie Phillips: Family mealtime can't happen unless someone cooks dinner

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 4:30 p.m. MST

Food has political implications, with city governments trying to legislate the size of soda pop cups, trans fats, nutrition information and even the toys in Happy Meals. The organic movement, community-supported agriculture, and the rise of local artisan products all speak to the influence of food in the community.

Food is a barometer of the economy, as food prices go up or down, and as food banks strive to feed the hungry.

Food is friendship — as the terms "breaking bread together" or "dinner and a movie" imply.

As most readers have probably realized, the Deseret News is making some changes in its Features pages, and this is my last column for the Deseret News.

Food is fascinating. Over the years I've been fortunate to cover such a wide variety of food topics in the Deseret News Food section, and I've appreciated he opportunity to share what I've learned with you, the readers.

Bon appetit!

Valerie Phillips is the former Deseret News food editor and the author of "Soup's On!" She blogs at