As I watched and listened to the back-and-forth in Washington and who has the mandate, I can't believe they really believe they have a case.

Let's just do a little math lesson. There are approximately 315 million people in the U.S., of which 75 percent are 18 years old and older. In the November election, President Obama received 60 million votes and Mitt Romney received 57 million. So 176 million did not vote for President Obama's ideas on spending and taxes and 179 million did not vote for Mitt Romney's ideas on spending and taxes. So I ask, where is the mandate? The vast majority weren't excited with either side.

It is time for both sides to quit playing to their special interests and do what is right for the whole country. Right now, we are talking about a 30 percent shortfall in revenues covering the yearly spending of Congress and the president. It takes sixth grade math to figure that if we are going to get close in closing this gap, significant changes in taxes and spending must happen.

For once, please vote for what is good for America and not what is good to be re-elected. I really believe that most Americans will be willing to sacrifice if they feel it is shared fairly by all.

Scott Miles

Salt Lake City