The first LDS missionaries to take the gospel to Scotland were Alexander Wright and Samuel Mulliner, who was converted to the restored gospel and joined the church in Canada. While affiliating with a branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Springfield, Ill., he was called on a mission to Great Britain.

On Dec. 18, 1839, Samuel departed Liverpool on his way to Scotland. In Scotland, Mulliner began his missionary service in the area of Glasgow and continued his labors in neighboring regions, including the town of Paisley.

On March 26, 1840, he performed the first Mormon baptisms in Paisley. It is said that Paisley was more receptive than some other towns and villages.

In May 1840, Elder Orson Pratt arrived in Paisley, and on May 8, Elder Pratt, assisted by Mulliner and Wright, organized a branch of the church at Paisley. Elder John Taylor also visited the village of Paisley.