About Utah: Internet saves the day at the Twin Rocks Trading Post

Published: Sunday, Dec. 9 2012 10:38 p.m. MST

Simpson never tires of telling that story – how a Navajo teenager with no electricity introduced his family to the Internet Age, and saved the trading post. It's a legend that one day might elbow its way in among the legend of the Hero Twins. In Navajo lore, the twins, one called Monster Slayer, the other Born For Water, were the result of a relationship between the Sun and Mother Earth. They are the redeemers of the Navajo people and are held in deep reverence.

The Twin Rocks behind the trading post are emblematic of the Hero Twins. They're impossible to miss as you drive into Bluff – located west of the two-lane on the north end of town.

Or, you can check them out at www.twinrocks.com.

Either way, they provide a remarkable ancient backdrop for the modern, socially mobile business that sits just beneath.

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