Last Sunday, there was at least one Congressman on TV bellowing about the need to stop Hamas from importing rockets from Iran — in order to keep the peace in Gaza.

Well, here's a novel idea: Why not disarm Israel instead?

Every missile and bomb used by the Israelis to kill Gazans had USA stamped all over it.

Also, there was an Associated Press story about a leaked diagram out of Iran's nuclear community that showed a computer simulation about what an atom bomb could do.

But let me remind everyone that Israel already has a boatload of atom bombs, and we Americans gave them the first shipment of material to make them with — smuggled right out of this country in nine lead-lined diplomatic pouches back in 1955.

Also, I'm about 100 percent sure that this story has it's origins in the propaganda arm of Mossad, Israel's CIA.

Michael R. Kelsey