High school football: Jordan's Austin Kafentzis named 2012 Mr. Football

Published: Thursday, Nov. 29 2012 2:55 p.m. MST

Don't expect complacency to set in the next two years either. Kafentzis said he's always working on his footwork and his quick throwing motion that is similar to the NFL's Drew Brees.

"You can always pick up things from NFL QBs and college QBs, anyone who's above you," said Kafentzis.

He also pays particular attention to Tom Brady's throwing motion, to Robert Griffin III's pocket presence, to Michael Vick's quick exchange rate, not to mention the attributes of many others.

Every once in a while, usually while he's lying in bed, Kafentzis lets his mind wonder about all he's accomplished, and may accomplish down the road. When he's on the field though, he never gets nervous or overwhelmed about the situation.

"You're only scared when you don't know what you're doing," said Kafentzis.

Another valuable lesson Kafentzis' father taught him at a young age was preparation. He told him if you practice hard and do things the right way, instinct will take over under pressure and you'll make the right decisions.

The results so far have been off the charts.

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