I am sickened by the ACLU's decision to sue the Davis School District because the school removed a book from the library. First of all, the book is inappropriate material for children, and it does not belong in the school library.

Secondly, where does the ACLU get off proclaiming that this is about the rights of elementary aged children? Is this a joke? What's next? Third graders suing their parents because they can't smoke cigarettes?

Gay marriage is a subject to be handled by parents or guardians, period. It has no place in schools, in the library or textbooks, etc. That is called indoctrination. If the ACLU wants to try to pretend this is a "free speech" issue then what is there to stop books about polygamy or incest — available right in your neighborhood's elementary school.

Leave kids alone and let parents have control.

Tonia Doussett