I recently stopped at the local McDonald's. I watched intently as two young men pulled up in a truck and went in to the McDonald's carrying empty McDonald's cups.

They made a casual walk through the restaurant before ending up at the drink dispenser, seemingly to give the impression they were there eating in the restaurant and merely wanted a little more drink. They filled their cups with pop and left to return to their truck.

I ask you, "Who loses in this situation"?

The restaurant certainly loses because they had inventory leave their business without being paid for. The boys certainly lose because their honesty and integrity took an incredible hit (especially when you consider this was most likely not the first time they have done this). Their parents lose because the boys were either not taught (parents' fault) or their parents' teachings are being disregarded (parents' heartache).

The only thing for certain is that if the behavior is not corrected, it will translate into much more serious indiscretions as the boys progress through their lives.

Jeff Porter