Mike Sorensen: Many sports could use some rule changes

Published: Sunday, Nov. 4 2012 10:06 p.m. MST

Hockey and Soccer — Wider goals.

This may be blasphemous to hockey and soccer afficianados, but why must so many games end up 1-0 or 2-1? Or in the case of soccer, 0-0? Do you realize that of the last four games our beloved Real Salt Lake has played, each has ended in a 0-0 draw?

I'm not talking a huge difference, just a few inches in the hockey goal, and perhaps an extra foot or two on each side in soccer. Every game there seems to be a shot off the post, so this could mean an extra goal or two in every game.

Also, with more goals, it would cut the chances for overtimes and shootouts, which, though exciting, aren't the fairest way to determine winners.

There you have just a few ideas for sports rule changes. If YOU could change a rule in sports, what would it be?

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