Argentina Supreme Court OK's sex slave's abortion

By Michael Warren

Associated Press

Published: Friday, Oct. 12 2012 10:41 a.m. MDT

In Argentina, meanwhile, a proposed law to loosen abortion restrictions, introduced for the fourth time three years ago, remains stuck in committee.

President Cristina Fernandez has been outspoken in support of protecting women from the sex trade. But she is personally opposed to abortion and has not made legalizing it a priority.

Vicente predicts that Congress won't act until the president urges it to. Diaz won't go that far.

"Thanks to this president, Argentina has advanced with very important laws — marriage equality, gender identification, death with dignity. The debate over abortion will happen. It's more complicated; it's not easy. The president is against it, but she's also said it's a matter for the Congress to decide," Diaz said.

"I think we're getting close, but you have to look at this debate in terms of religious politics in Latin America. The Catholic forces opposed to abortion are so strong that they barely got it passed in Uruguay, which is the least religious country in the region."

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