Biden: Romney changed his position on tax cut

By Matthew Daly

Associated Press

Published: Thursday, Oct. 4 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

"Ultimately, presidential races, unlike any other race, get down to character. They get down to the character of the man or woman and the character of their convictions: Do they mean what they say and will they do what they say," Biden said. "What I find fascinating, though, is that on nearly every issue, they don't tell you what they are for anymore, and they deliberately misrepresent what they say we are for. You saw it again last night in the debate."

Biden said Romney is misrepresenting Obama's health care plan as hurting older Americans. The health care plan is funded in part by $716 billion in cuts to providers of Medicare, the federal health insurance program for seniors and the disabled.

"The governor is going to have to assume that the public has collective amnesia to take his word over those of us who spent our entire careers protecting and fighting for Medicare," Biden said.

Biden offered backhanded praise for one aspect of Romney's debate performance, saying he was "happy to see" Romney admit that he and Ryan would turn Medicare into a private system that uses vouchers to help seniors pay for health care. Biden and Obama say the GOP plan would put seniors at the mercy of insurance companies.

When questioned about vouchers during the debate, Romney said he would allow future seniors to choose Medicare or a private health plan. His plan would not impose any changes on current retirees and those nearing retirement, Romney said.

Romney did not answer when debate moderator Jim Lehrer asked him directly whether he supports a voucher system, and Romney ignored a follow-up question.

Biden's visit to Iowa was his sixth this year. Obama won Iowa in 2008, and polls show him with a narrow lead this year.

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