MINNEAPOLIS — Jurors in the trial of a Minnesota man accused of directing young Somali men back to their homeland to fight with al-Shabab are hearing from family members of some travelers.

Mahamud (mah-hah-MOOD') Said (sy-EED' (sy'-EED) Omar faces five terror-related counts. Prosecutors worked Wednesday to begin outlining what they say was a conspiracy to supply al-Shabab with men.

Hibo (HEE'bo) Ahmed is the sister of Shirwa Ahmed, a Minneapolis man who carried out a suicide bombing in Somalia in 2008. She testified that she heard from her brother two days before he died in 2008, and he "didn't sound right."

Defense attorneys tried to show inconsistencies in her testimony.

Family members of two other travelers testified that the men didn't have enough money to travel to Somalia on their own.