Entrepreneurship: Do you qualify for the ride of your life? The 8-point test

Published: Monday, Oct. 1 2012 6:35 p.m. MDT

Successful founders have support from family, investors, vendors, employees and customers. They are able to nurture critical relationships with people who are willing to provide the assistance they need.

As you read this list of characteristics, can you answer yes to each point? If so, there is a very high chance that you, too, may be the next great innovator with a high-flying business.

As to our reader's question: Can everybody become an entrepreneur? No — not everyone is suited for the life of an entrepreneur. However, every business and every employee can benefit from increasing their entrepreneurial skills. Increasingly, entrepreneurial companies are becoming the lifeblood of our global economy and are becoming a progressively greater source of new jobs. Wherever you fit best in this growing and evolving equation, I look forward to helping you to prepare. And I wish you the best in your own exhilarating journey.

Do you have stories to tell? Additional questions? Feel free to contact me through this column, through www.AlanEHall.com or via @AskAlanEHall.

Alan E. Hall is a cofounding managing director of Mercato Partners, a regionally focused growth capital investment firm. He founded Grow Utah Ventures, is the founder of MarketStar Corp. and is chairman of the Utah Technology Council.

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