Warren Buffett's kids use dad's ideas to invest in giving

By Josh Funk

Associated Press

Published: Saturday, Sept. 29 2012 8:19 p.m. MDT

Peter Buffett, who is a musician and composer, is working on leveling the playing field for women and girls worldwide through a variety of programs. He hopes that if girls, particularly in impoverished areas, can get access to more resources and education they'll be ready to play a larger role in their communities and decision making.

Peter Buffett's NoVo Foundation also support programs to help U.S. schools teach kids social and emotional skills and sound decision-making.

Susie Buffett said she enjoys trying to tackle messy, human problems that aren't easy to solve, much like her mom did.

"That comes directly from my childhood. It is what I watched my mother do," said Susie Buffett, 59. "She had me in the car with her at a very early age in the housing projects and deep in the community. She was very involved personally. It was not a check-writing thing. It was her being there."

Susie Buffett was always interested in education, but she decided to focus her giving on early childhood education after asking Omaha's schools superintendent where she could make the biggest difference.

Warren Buffett's decision to increase the amount of money he is giving his children's foundations indicates he supports their work, and he praised their philanthropy.

"Everything has impressed me," Buffett said "They're each doing things they have a special interest in which they have some special abilities too. And they work very hard at it."

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