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head coach Bronco Mendenhall of the Brigham Young Cougars watches during the first half of NCAA football in Boise, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012.

Fans on Twitter reacted to the fall of Riley Nelson, the rise of the Cougar defense, and more during BYU's 7-6 loss to Boise State on Thursday night in Boise.

BYU vs. Boise State: Twitter recap

Storified by Layton Shumway · Thu, Sep 20 2012 21:51:14

#BYU offense and defense starting off about where they were last week. Good D. Ugly O.Andrew Adams
Hey byu... No more option. MmmmkayChristopher V. Enger
That Mountain West logo never fails to remind me that the MWC is the Escher-est conference of all.edsbs
That little option pitch from Nelson to Alisa...might wanna let Crowton keep that playJason Franchuk
Penalties are going to keep BYU out of a bowl game. Get some discipline #BYUvsBOISEJohn Clyde
This is an important series for the BYU offense. The BSU offense gained some yards and confidence and the Cougars need to respond in kind.Jared Lloyd
Just once I'd like to see BYU line up in I-form on 1st down and pick up 4 yards.Vanquish The Foe
Broncos going with 10 men in the box on defense on third and 5 for Cougs = daring Nelson to complete a man-on-man passDick Harmon
Nelson to Apo happens! And then is negated by a penalty... #BYUBYUfootblog
Give BYU credit for being prepared for Boise State fake punt. That's good coaching.Kevin Graham
Chop block, BYU goes from the 1 to 17 and Nelson underthrows for a pick to Taylor. No points, no FG, no lead.Dick Harmon
Nelson 1-4, 3 yards, 1 INTVanquish The Foe
The BYU Cushion. RT @ArtDirectorBYU: ESPN wondering why there's so much DB space. ESPN needs to watch more #BYU games.Drew Troutner
BYU doing what it does best. Painting the field with yellow.Will Wickert
BYU has 50 yrds in penalties and 29 yrds in offense. #BYUvsBoiseBYUtv Sports
BYU: currently 112th in total penalties, or 8th if you're like me and reverse the rankings to reflect your values. #yaypenaltiesedsbs
Blindside hit on Riley, which forces a fumble.Josh Furlong
#BYU someone mentioned a short leash for Riley this game...they were wrong...this is like the great wall of china longDavid Marshall
Halftime. BY United 0, Boise FC 0.edsbs
Remember, #BYU had the ball down to the 1. Penalty forced us to the 17. No score. #mehOffenseBYUfootblog
Easily the worst half of college football played so far this year, and that includes any game Colorado has played in. #BYUatBSU #BYUCliff Schmidt
Last time BYU involved in scoreless 1st half: 1973 vs. Colorado StateBrett McMurphy
BYU has only 4 completions at half. Is it the O-line, Riley, Doman, or good coverage by Boise?Clint Peterson
Riley Nelson threw a pick-6 to a nose tackle?! That has to be a first in football history!Kevin Graham
Dear Bronco: please try Hill at qb. That's all.Matt Brown
Somewhere in a small Midwestern town Jake Heaps cracks a smileGarrett MacKay
Brandon Doman, you need to punch yourself in the head some more. Riley is still in. Continue head punches until Taysom comes in. #BYUGeoff Johnston
What the heck does Riley have over Bronco and Doman this is getting quite embarrassing!Diana
Can we call a truce? Boise's stopped kicking FGs; Riley Nelson, stop attempting passes.Stewart Mandel
Taysom Hill in the offensive huddle; he's coming in.Greg Wrubell
Oh the irony. BYU fans hoping Tayson Hill can pull a Riley Nelson vs. Utah St last year on the same field Nelson's career as an Aggie ended.Spencer Checketts
And the Hill era begins with a fumble by Michael Alisa. I'm thinking that's because he didn't expect to get the ball on first down.Kevin Graham
not a lot of continuity with that group's run-blocking or pass-blocking at this point in the season...just one of many problemsBrandon Gurney
Sometimes your best offense is BYUs offense #BYUSizzle
That was an incredible 4 down save. Way to go BYU DJay Eh Ess Oh En
Honestly, though, how many times have you seen a team fumble on their own one yard line and not give up points?Ben Gaines
That's a lot of emotion shown by Bronco. #BYU #MayansD. Sean
The BYU defense is doing everything it can and some. At some point the offense has to give BYU a chance in this.Jarom Jordan
Option to short side of field against D that is faster than you? Great call DomanSean O'Connell
People whining about play calling: Hill probably only knows 3 plays. #BYUfootballNate Watson
Regardless of what happens this is one of the best defensive performances I have ever seenJan Jorgensen
what i would give for Kevin Feterik right nowMcClane
I'm more confident in BYU's ability to score a defensive TD than one on offense at this pointBrandon Gurney
Ansah auto corrects to smash on my phone. Well played.CougarCorner
Riley clapping, but he's on the outside of offense huddle during media timeout. Still Hill's gig with 8:03 left and Cougars down a TDJason Franchuk
Hats off to Riley Nelson, helmet on and cheering on his team. Class fellaPatrick Kinahan
That's why Doman likes the option so much, because Hill actually knows how to run it.Vanquish The Foe
the QB run game is slightly more effective when you use a QB who doesn't have a broken back.....KYLE F GUNTHER
BYU is likely the worst in the NCAA at managing timeouts. #BYUvsBOISEJohn Clyde
No first down here its over. No TOs left. A crime for the D to play how they did and still lose. Absolutely criminal.JazzCougs
The BYU defense is stout. Too bad the offense can't put it together. With just a decent offense, this team could roll.Jeff Rivera
TOUCHDOWN! I just shouted in an empty room.Spencer Ryan Hall
Bronco just coached the best game defensively he could have and killed everything with that horrible decision to go for 2. #BYUJ.D. Jorgensen
What in the absolute world is BYU even thinking.Adam Jacobi
I don't understand that mindset at all when your Defense has been as dominant as BYU's all night. Tie it up, trust your D. Unbelievable.Spencer Checketts
Hey, why not? BYU's already lost a game. Cougars won't go to BCS bowl. They're a lock for Armed Forces. I like the aggressive call.Emerson Lotzia
"Whatever." - Bronco Mendenhall, ripping off his headset and turning off his PS3Adam Kramer
The fact they chose Nelson as their QB, Doman's play calling & the decision by Bronco to go for two, the coaches cost BYU this game.Kevin Graham
After grinding all game to score a touchdown, everything resets itself in OT. I don't get it.Vanquish The Foe
I don't get going for two. Not kicking onside even crazier. Try for ball. Still all about 1 stop if you don't get it.Ethan Thomas
Congrats to Boise State ... congrats to the rest of us this game is over.Stewart Mandel
Flat out stupid to go for two. Bad, bad, bad, bad coaching mistake!Deep Shades of Blue
What's amazing is Bronco Mendenhall was willing to throw the defensive coaching game of his life away on a 2 pt gamble. #BYU #BYUvsBOISEAndrew Adams
BYU Football never ceases to rip your heart out of your chest.Zach Bloxham