After watching post game interviews and comments of the BYU vs. Utah game, it was sad and embarrassing to hear University of Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham make a sarcastic and snotty comment about the game being delayed or played on Monday if it went into overtime because it was then Sunday. Whittingham went to school at BYU, and making such a comment is ridiculing his religious background and BYU standards.

U. athletic director Chris Hill announced in July that Utah would take a "break" from the rivalry between the schools. So next year, 2013, will be the last scheduled game between the two schools. Reasoning being they will play Michigan instead and with their "elevation" to the PAC 12, they have some real scheduling problems. Goodbye to one of the nation's best rivalries, as one broadcaster mentioned over the weekend. That is indeed a sad situation.

BYU will move on as will Utah. Too bad the U. and its administration has given into money and done away with something my grandkids will never appreciate.

David Greenwood

American Fork