The Jackson County Pioneer Log Courthouse, a small log structure originally situated at the intersection of Lexington and Lynn streets in Independence, Mo., was the first courthouse in Jackson County. According to Max H. Parkin, the log courthouse was replaced by a two-story brick structure. The replacement courthouse was the one mentioned in Doctrine and Covenants 57:3. The log courthouse was vacated and sold to Algernon Sidney Gilbert of the Gilbert and Whitney Co. on Feb. 20, 1832. Gilbert used the log structure as a home and store. In November 1832, Gilbert purchased a lot and building where the red brick building, right, now stands. It, too, was called the Gilbert and Whitney Store or Bishops' Storehouse. It served the Mormon settlers of Jackson County who were attempting to practice newly revealed principles of consecration. In 1916, the log courthouse was moved to its present location on Kansas Street in downtown Independence.