Lotoja cycling race 30 years strong

By Glenn Seninger

for the Deseret News

Published: Monday, Sept. 10 2012 7:49 a.m. MDT

Men's top 10 Finishers

1 Leon Bergant 08:57:19

2 Scott Buccambuso 08:57:20

3 Kyle Nelson 08:57:21

4 Creighton Lowe 08:58:07

5 Lucas Parker 08:58:39

6 Chris Carr 08:59:14

6 Justin Wilson 08:59:14

6 Cameron Hoffman 08:59:14

6 Darren Goff 08:59:14

10 Jake Stocking 08:59:16

Woman's top 10 Finishers

1 Jenn Halladay 09:47:38

2 Brooke Parent 09:47:38

3 Anne Perry 09:47:38

4 Shirley Leydsman 09:47:39

5 Keri Gibson 09:52:00

6 Jami Smith 10:09:40

7 Kandice Lund 10:15:00

8 Melinda Macfarlane 10:16:00

9 Camille Stringam 10:21:58

10 Camille Brinton 10:23:04

Rider involved in fatal crash at Lotoja

Tragedy struck this year's Lotoja. The Teton County Sheriff's Office confirmed that 42-year-old Robert Verhaaren of Mesa, Ariz., swerved to avoid a pothole near the Hobart Junction bridge and crashed over the side of the bridge, falling 35 feet to his death.

"It's just really sad. This is a freak, freak accident," said Dave Bern, one of the race founders. "We've always known that something like this could happen when you have so many cars, so many cyclists over a 206-mile corridor."

Verhaaren leaves behind a wife and three children.

"People have been careful, motorists have been careful and this didn't even involve a car," Bern said

As word of the tragedy spread throughout the race and the cycling community, thoughts and prayers went out to the family of the fallen cyclist and brought sobering thoughts about the risks of road racing to those involved. This is the first-ever fatality in the race's 30-year history.

Glenn Seninger lives in Salt Lake City with his family and rode in this year's Lotoja and is a five -time Lotoja finisher.

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