Convention Watch: Looking back to Reagan, Bush

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Published: Thursday, Aug. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

She says it's an example of the GOP's "continued focus on winning at all costs."

"I will note that the parties, the special interest fund bashes that were not canceled, went on in spite of the fact that our state was getting hit and Tampa was in the path of the storm," Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said at a press conference Thursday, when asked if Republicans had acted wisely by canceling the first day of their convention.

"I give them credit for canceling the first day," she said. "The way they handled it going forward as the rest of the region was getting battered - probably a challenging situation for them. There are other ways they could have handled it other than the way they chose. They could have taken things down a notch."

— Beth Fouhy — Twitter http://twitter.com/bfouhy


After watching the boss try out the podium and the teleprompters, senior aide Eric Fehrnstrom was in no mood to lower expectations. He predicted a great performance from Mitt Romney as he formally accepts the presidential nomination Thursday night.

"These speeches are just as much about the moment as they are about the words," Fehrnstrom said. "One thing we know about Mitt Romney is that he always rises to the occasion.

"This is the biggest speech of his political career. And I have no doubt that he will deliver the best speech of his political career."

— Steve Peoples — Twitter http://twitter.com/sppeoples


Mitt Romney got a standing ovation in the convention hall — six hours before he was set to take the stage for his speech.

Romney and running mate Paul Ryan stopped in for an afternoon walk-through at the Forum in Tampa, Fla., where Romney formally accepts the presidential nomination Thursday night.

Delegates milling around the mostly empty hall stood and applauded for Romney and Ryan, both dressed in suit and tie.

The two paused for photographs near the podium with campaign staff, including senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom and policy director Lanhee Chan.

After that, Romney stood at the podium while aides adjusted the height of his teleprompter.

Minutes later, they were gone.

— Josh Lederman — Twitter http://twitter.com/joshledermanAP


Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer has proclaimed her support for the election of ... Barack Obama?

Clearly just a verbal slip, says her spokesman. The governor's skirmishes with the Obama administration over the issue of illegal immigration are well-known. At one point she was captured on camera pointing an angry finger at the president as they talked on an airport tarmac.

Brewer's surprising comment came in an MSNBC interview Wednesday at the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., as she renewed her call for improved security on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Brewer said she was hopeful Obama would be elected in November so he could help come up with a solution. She didn't correct herself, nor was she prompted to.

Brewer spokesman Matthew Benson said Thursday that the governor isn't the first person to misspeak amid the chaos of a crowded room.

For the record: Brewer continues to endorse Republican Mitt Romney for president.

— Felicia Fonseca — Twitter http://twitter.com/FonsecaAP


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