I wanted to applaud KSL's decision to not pick up the NBC series "The New Normal." Much is being said about KSL being homophobic. In reality, as KSL said in its original statement, this has nothing to do with that but is about when such a show is being aired because of the language and explicit nature of the show.

My family and many I know are so grateful that the so-called family hour is being preserved in this one instance. It takes courage to stand up for families and values that are not out of touch. On the contrary, it is NBC and other stations, as well as many movie producers, that are out of touch with what families want to sit down together and watch, let alone feeling that children are safe watching on their own.

Thank you KSL for having the courage to stand up and stand out and please continue to be aware of the family demographic that you serve.

Gayle Higgins

South Jordan