Dick Harmon: Daniel Sorensen quickly fitting the Andrew Rich mold

Published: Wednesday, Aug. 22 2012 7:27 p.m. MDT

The best BYU secondaries I've seen over the years were in 1982 (Tom Holmoe, Kevin Walker, Kyle Morrell, Greg Peterson and John Mannion), 1984 (Mark Allen, Kyle Morrell) and 1996 (Tim McTyer, Omarr Morgan). The 2001 secondary with Jernaro Gilford and Levi Madarieta wasn't too shabby either.

The 1996 secondary had two lock-down corners in Morgan and McTyer, which allowed the defense to be extremely flexible. I don't know if Hadley and Johnson are in that category, but they certainly are more capable of playing press cover in man coverage than any I've seen since Mendenhall came to Provo.

If that holds true this year, it will give Mendenhall great flexibility.

And at BYU, having a playmaking secondary is a very big deal.

In 2012, it starts with Sorensen.

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