It was interesting and frustrating to read a commentary by a Professor Stiglitz who has determined that the American Dream is a myth. In the article he indicates that there is too much inequality and that this is no longer "the land of opportunity." I beg to differ.

I believe that most people in our great American society do not have a great desire to be among the ultra-wealthy. Most of us want to have enough income (from some kind of employment) to have a comfortable home, perhaps a couple of cars and perhaps even a "toy" or two. And that situation is still possible. However, something needs to be done to provide jobs for those who need them.

Of course, there are some people who at some time in their lives became trapped in the welfare state and have not been able to escape; there are some who apparently enjoy being dependent on the government. Nevertheless, the "dream" is still alive for those who want to pursue it.

Russell Bender