Games offer unique platform for education, social change

Published: Thursday, Aug. 9 2012 11:13 p.m. MDT

"Because we are developing games for audiences who aren't always media savvy, we were mindful to craft games that aren't alienating or confusing to non-gamers," Ramos said. "We've done extensive on-the-ground testing every step of the way to make sure we are creating games suitable and entertaining to our target audiences."

Researchers and developers with Games For Change are also working to build games around the technology available to certain populations. Some mobiles games are not necessarily built for advanced smartphones or tablets, Ramos said.

"The most unique thing about these mobile games is the technology we're using," Ramos said. "In India and East Africa, most families utilize a single, shared feature phone as their main source of information, communication and entertainment. And by the time the kids in the family get their slot, they often play games. With that understanding, you realize how valuable these phones are to these communities."


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