Astrophysicists discuss God's role in the laws of physics

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Published: Monday, Aug. 6 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

Our take: World-renowned astrophysicists Jacob Bekenstein and David Eichler are award-winning scientists working on physics-based projects, but they are also of the Jewish faith. Their belief in God may seem to conflict with their science-heavy work research, but in fact, they say, both fit perfectly together.

Jacob Bekenstein and David Eichler are both world-renowned astrophysicists. Bekenstein, winner of the 2012 Wolf Prize, is best known for his work on black hole thermodynamics, and for the formulation of a theory known as TeVeS, that attempted to explain galactic observations without a need for dark matter.

Eichler is known for numerous works on gamma-ray bursts, cosmic rays, and pulsars. They are also religious Jews. I have known Bekenstein and Eichler for decades, but I suddenly realized that I had never actually talked to them about whether they see any conflict between their religious beliefs and their scientific views. I was happy to discover that neither of them had any objections to openly discussing their opinions.

Eichler explained to me right away that he believed that the universe is governed by the laws of physics.

"What is God's role, then?" I asked.

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