Dick Harmon: BYU's offensive linemen sporting leaner look

Published: Friday, Aug. 3 2012 6:02 p.m. MDT

Stroshine said he always knew the importance of nutrition.

"People come to me to get bigger, faster and stronger. I know how important it is to eat the right things. But people don't come to me for that, they don't listen to me. That's where Dan comes in."

So, how did these two link up?

"I had a few clients who had great results back in November and December with Dan. I'd worked with nutritionists before, but it was nothing jaw-dropping. These people who were working with his system of nutrition — it was significant — and I got in touch with Dan."

Both Wilcox and Stroshine had a mutual friend in former BYU defensive end Setema Gali. The common link drew Wilcox and Stroshine together for their clients.

Bottom line, whatever the origin, no matter who might be given the credit, one new thing in BYU's football camp is the health and conditioning of the current players preparing for two-a-days.

Generally speaking, the skill guys have more muscle mass, the big linemen have less body fat and move better.

Whether that gets BYU past 10 wins or not, only time will tell.

But one thing is certain as you watch the Cougars at work on the green field outside the Student Athlete Building: the adventure of working with API and Wilcox is bringing results.

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